Monday, 2 November 2015

A Query -Can Anyone Help?

"Can anyone can tell me which Class title and issue (pre-decimal 1/-) had my two favourite stories ? The Dreamer, about a terminally ill man visited by aliens who cure him so that he can be a peace ambassador, and a Mysterious Traveler story where he rescues Laika the first dog in space, saying, "Sometimes I am forced to intervene"."

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  1. Hi Terry!
    I've just read the story you refer to as The Dreamer in the last few months, so I should be able to lay my hands on it over the coming few days, and I'll get back to you.
    Had a quick search on GCD and, if that is the correct title, a 4 pager appears in Uncanny Tales #3, reprinted from Strange Suspense Stories #67. But there's also a 5 pager with that title (originally from Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #9, sounds promising) that appears in Sinister Tales #210. So I'd guess it also appeared between #80 - #120, first time around!
    I'll look in my Sinister Tales first, as I don't have Uncanny Tales #3. But of course I may have the 'second time around' in that title.
    Speak again soon.
    Kind regards,
    Toby Davies