Friday, 4 November 2011

Comic Bits Online: Unisarjakuvia (Sleep Comic)

Comic Bits Online: Unisarjakuvia (Sleep Comic): Pekka A. Manninen Publisher: Lempo Kustannus US graphic novel size black and white 96pp ISBN 978-952-5938-08-1 Euro...

Alan Class Comics -Rare scans!

Slinky  over at Scanarama provided these links to Alan Class scans so thanks to him for that.  Anyone with other scans please get in touch!

Amazing Stories of Suspense 142 (c1979.Alan Class) (Dave Spkmn) (FIXED).cbr

 Amazing Stories of Suspense 166 (ChrisB).cbz

 Amazing Stories of Suspense 221 (c1987.Alan Class) (jodyanimator).cbz

 Amazing Stories of Suspense 222 (c1987.Alan Class) (jodyanimator).cbz

Creepy Worlds 204 (c1980s.Alan Class).cbr

 Out Of This World 001 (1960s.Alan Class).cbr

 Out Of This World 011 (ChrisB).cbz

 Outer Space 007 (1961.Alan Class) (jodyanimator).cbz

 Secrets Of The Unknown 156 (ChrisB).cbz

Secrets of the Unknown 227 (c1988.Alan Class) (Target And The Targeteers

 Sinister Tales 098 (ChrisB).cbz

Uncanny Tales 150 (c1979.Alan Class) (Dave Spkmn).cbr