Saturday, 28 January 2012

We're All Here?

Just a note.  I've tried to stir up interest in the blog but no luck. I'll leave it open just in case anyone wants to ask questions or reminisce about Class Comics.

God knows the Alan Class interview is being ripped off enough!   :-/


  1. I've just stumbled across the blog, in the middle ofa nocturnal red-eyed internet trawl for decent dealers who might have some of the Alan Class books, they were pretty much the first thing I can remember reading outside of Tip & Mitten, and I spent many many nervous minutes with my torch under the bed sheets reading all of those wonderful tales...not realising at the time, ofcourse, that they were reprints...but what the hey. Before Marvel opened its UK operations, Class had the market cornered and so has to take full responsibility for the fantastic life of inky dreams I've had to squeeze into the gaps between maing the mortgage and paying the bills... brilliant! Please keep the blog open, ifonly for the few souls that may drop unexpectedly out of some Ditko-esque vortex and land here

  2. Hello!
    You know, I get worried about the number of men stumbling upon this site "early in the morning" -must be the way comics affect us!
    Thanks for the comment and, yes, I will keep the site going!