Friday, 19 June 2015

Class Comics Are My Pension Fund 

Seriously, it was pointed out to me by a group member, Darci, that in 50 years Class Comics WILL be antiques.


I'll be 108 years old but I intend to use money from selling my books for a drug fuelled sex orgy...or I may leave them to my niece and Great Nephews.....Not sure yet.

About the above book. According to Compal Comics: "One of these Alan Class reprints was Sinister Tales 23 which happened to be the UK version of Tales Of Suspense 39, better known as the first appearance of Iron Man. £66 was duly tendered."

Sorry, but does that make the thousands of others worth £66+ ($120) each if in good condition?  Why?


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  1. This just emerged on eBay UK, thought I'd share it with you...