Sunday, 22 February 2015

I'm Still Here. And I STILL Love Alan Class Comics

 I have to admit that, with all the people professing to be long term Class Comics fans I had thought a few more might be popping by or asking questions 

The usual thing I get, when emailed, is offering me a copy of "the ultra rare" (please, I am NOT a moron) issue whatever. 

And the asking price is usually anywhere between £20-70.00.  Seriously. I resist the urge to write back: "F*** off!"

"This one is a very rare first appearance of the Vision character so it's a hot book with the movie coming up!"  No, it is the SECOND appearance of the Vision and it is a variable print quality, black and white UK reprint.  Oh, how much?  £75.00.  In this case I pointed all the usual out to the diseased little turd who thought I was open to conning and his response?  "If I put this on Ebay I can ask £100 for it!"  My response WAS rude.

Because I have a blog and a lot of articles out there -not to mention all the people who have plagiarized my posts and articles- some think I'm a bit retarded.  Or that I've been sectioned at some point and I'll splash money out like a mentally deranged buy-a-holic.

I do love these books and I usually pick them up if I see any for between £1.5-£5.00 -£5.00 is the absolute maximum I will pay but then only if I really want the contents badly (I also get a kick out of the covers).

Over the years I have had offers of collections for free -I can collect or cover the postage.  I do say yes, but I usually get the "once I've scanned them"/"Got them all sorted" and I KNOW I am never going to get the books.  I'm sure that the odd person does go through them but then says "No! I can't get rid of these!" but never let me know. Perhaps 95% of these offers come from bull-****** who do not even have the books but get a kick out of thinking I'm getting excited and waiting.  

I work in comics and one thing you learn is "until the cheque is in your hand it hasn't happened!"

I have to admit that, if I get to London this year, I might be able to arrange a visit with Alan Class, It would be interesting to note how publishing and promotion/production has changed!

So this site isn't quite dead yet!

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