Monday, 28 May 2012

Is There Anyone Insane With A Lot Of Money To Waste?

Barry on the Alan Class yahoo group posted this:


Having read about the high prices that dealers are trying to sell the Alan Class books for, this has got to be the ultimate in rip-off price for an Alan Class B/W comic at nearly £32,000 !!!!"


I asked the fellow who introduced me to that dealer I mentioned if he could ask him the value.  Reply within 40 minutes "£2 to £3 at the very most if you are desperate."  I will not print his response to the price being asked though he had, it seems, checked it: "Tell him (me) to note what the seller has written:'No returns accepted'!"

 Look at the image posted there -tatty edges to cover, browning pages and looks like the spine of the book is going. My top spend for it? £1.50

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