Friday, 1 April 2016

When A Comic Has The Company Name On The Cover....

I think I am winning the challenge of spot the most ridiculous prices on Ebay for a Class Comic.

From the United States 

The Avengers #4 1965 1st Silver Age Captain America UK edition alan class RARE

  • £834.90
  • + £10.62 postage
 "Rare" is odd because "Nobby97" purchased a copy from a real dealer for £5.00 and two days later spotted another, better copy for £3.00.

Also, that damage around the edge of the cover might not look much but to a collector you've devalued the price.  Also II: the cover is moldy or badly stained -look by Thor's head. 

Going by this my German version of this story from the 1970s plus my Marvel Avengers Weekly with the story must be worth a few grand.  Anyone -?

And can anyone spot the moron 1st Class mistake (or lie)?

A "Rare" Alan Class Comic. WHY does it say blatantly on the cover "L. Miller & Co"???

And the seller wants £834.90 (almost $2000) and you have to pay postage!
Scum con-men. 

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