Thursday, 31 March 2016

I REALLY Hope That This Is A Gag That Someone Is Running...

This one is almost comedic.  It has been re-listed and re-listed over and over.  I first saw it early last year.  No one is buying.

Does the seller drop the price?  No.  They INCREASE it every time.

WHY will no one buy this comic for £30????

  • £29.99
  • + £1.55 P&P


  1. It looks like it is in pretty poor condition and there is a much better quality copy of the same issue on eBay for just 80p, which is a reminder that when you find something on eBay that you want, you should check if there is another listing for the same item as the first one may not be the best deal.

  2. Oh, it is bad. And it looks worse than the first time I saw it. But you are right in that its best to always look around and be aware of what you are buying -as I think today's posting proves.
    And THANKS for the comment!