Friday, 22 April 2016

Sellers & Buyers -Be Warned!

So,if anyone has ever read my Alan Class interview you will know of his relationship to L. Miller who published Marvel Man and other titles under that name?

Miller had the rights at the time to reprint US comics, including Marvel, in black and white in the UK.  For which Marvel was grateful because it got their comics into an overseas market without their having to spend a penny...or cent.

Yes, Avengers volume 1, number 4.  Reprinted many times in the UK in monthly or weekly format and in black and white -it was a few years before I got to see the full colour version!  I mean, even in black and white you had Captain America, the Avengers AND the Sub-Mariner. 1960s fan-boy overdose.

Below is Miller's reprint.

22nd September 1973 saw the UK equivalent from Marvel (still black and white) and advertised on TV -I couldn't believe it when I saw it!  And, yes, I did buy....d'uh!

But, back to Miller.  You'll notice the story was followed up with a story from 4 issues after Cap was found -US issue #8 in fact . Issue 56 utilised an interior panel as the front cover and at least Cap's right leg was not coloured white this time!
 Yes, and the 1973 issue employed a more familiar cover style of cover for the story.

And below the original US version.

So what has this got to do with Class Comics?  Well, I do hear from people asking whether Mystic comic is a rare enough Class book to pay £50-£80 ($110-$200) for?

Not just that but I have seen these titles myself on Ebay advertised as "Rare vintage Alan Class Avengers issue" And some idiot buys them.  The seller is laughing all the way to the bank. I have even seen the UK weekly Avengers no. 5 advertised as an "extremely rare vintage Alan Class comic".

Yes, and worse than that.  You see, the buyer might be stupid but the seller is, at best, a crook. If they own this comic then all the copyright details etc, are in the legal indicia inside. There are also other give-aways that are so obvious -and shame on the buyer if they bought these as Class and just didn't notice.

Firstly, Avengers no. 5 weekly has a logo box: "Marvel Comics Group" -Marvel Comics Group and NOT "Class Comics".

Secondly, Mystic. Look at the cover.  It's right there! "L. Miller & Co."  It's in a triangular logo box.

Now take a look at a Class Comic cover. See the circular logo with "AC" in it? That is a Class Comic.  Yes, Alan inherited, as it were, some inventory from Miller but if a comic reads Marvel Comics Group or L. Miller & Co. it is not a Class Comic.

I just accept that a lot of Ebay dealers are crooks.  I've dealt with them.  One even had "early 1950s Alan Class comics" when Class was not publishing in the early 1950s and the UK certainly had not decimalised currency so a 50p cover is one of the later, last Class Comics.  I pointed this out to the dealer and he promised to correct the details.

Look at the covers. Look for the logo. But do not get fooled and certainly never ever think that a b&w UK reprint is going to be worth more than a full colour US copy -even a reprint!

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